BIE-PST : Probability and Statistics (Winter 2023)

Lectures will take place on Monday at 09:15 in the room TH:A-1442.
Tutorials will take place on the same day at 16:15 in the room T9:347.

For all information about the course Probability and Statistics (including the solutions of the exercises) please go to the FIT CTU Course Pages platform.


      Lecture 1 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 2 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 3 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 4 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 5 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 6 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 7 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 8 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 9 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 10 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 11 [Printable slides], [Handout]
      Lecture 12 [Printable slides], [Handout]


      Tutorial 1
      Tutorial 2
      Tutorial 3
      Tutorial 4
      Tutorial 5
      Tutorial 6
      Tutorial 7
      Tutorial 8
      Tutorial 9
      Tutorial 10
      Tutorial 11
      Tutorial 12

  Other files.

      Distribution function for the standard normal, Student's and chi-square distributions.
      Cheat sheet for the final Exam
      Short R tutorial
      Scripts for Lecture/Tutorial 10
      Scripts for Lecture/Tutorial 11
      Scripts for Lecture/Tutorial 12



If you have any question about the course send me an e-mail at dolcefra [at] fit [dot] cvut [dot] cz.